change for the sake of change doesn’t seem like a good reason to change

I used to go to Bob Evan’s with my friends a lot and we always had a good time. The waitresses all started to get to know us and it was great to be recognized when we went in. Last night I went by myself to have a bowl of soup and read a bit. I walked in, went to the counter, sat down and heard, “Hey, haven’t seen you guys in a while. Where is the rest of the gang?” I looked up and saw a familiar face smiling back at me and I said, “Oh, it’s just me tonight. We’ve all spread out some I guess, marriages and such.” She responded, “Yeah, I understand that. Eventually it’s just you.” I like going to restaurants alone and reading while I eat but for some reason last night felt more ominous than usual. Maybe it was because I was reminded of the changes.
Change happens.
Steve: married, don’t see him much anymore
Candice: new job
Julie: bought a house and going back to school
Ciera: works 3 or 4 jobs
Tricia: lives in Indy now and has a new boyfriend I know nothing about
Leeann: married, haven’t seen her since wedding (she promised not to disappear :/)
Nate: going off to college soon
Mike: married, two kids, lives 3 hours away to the north
Missy: graduated college, going back for masters, lives 3 hours away to the south
Lauren: graduated college one weekend, married the next
Christopher: married, 1 kid, lives in North Carolina, see him maybe once a year
Me: … I quit my job to stay home and take care of my grandpa and write. But for some reason, my changes don’t feel like changes at all compared to everyone else’s. I think that is my issue. I feel like I’m standing still and everyone else is moving. But I am moving. It just doesn’t seem like it from my perspective. Perhaps if I asked others for their perspective they would show me that I am moving. But all of this kind of makes me want to make changes for the sake of changes. Do I give up my work with teens at church? Do I switch churches? Those are about the only options I have for change right now but change for the sake of change doesn’t seem like a good reason to change.


One thought on “change for the sake of change doesn’t seem like a good reason to change

  1. I completely understand how you are feeling! But you are right it isn’t good to change just for the sake of changing.

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