I Want Something Deeper!

I have often thought that I was a deep person but the truth is I am as shallow as they come. I’d rather text message than talk on the phone because then I only get the minimum amount of information. I’d sometimes rather know as little as I need to know to get by as opposed to getting to know everything there is to know. I went to a prayer meeting the other day that was unlike any prayer meeting I’ve been to in years. We turned on music and turned off the lights and some of us got on our faces for God and some of us danced for God and some us just sat in His presence. It was amazing!
A designated purpose.
An execution of that purpose.
An amount of time unwasted.

About two hours unwasted. It was more time than I’ve spent alone with God in a while. It was just what I needed. It was me no longer being shallow with God. It was me realizing that God has more for me than what I’ve been seeking on the surface. It was me letting God show me things because I finally sat down and shut up long enough to listen! It was God!


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