just one day

I stepped outside tonight to take out the garbage and when I was about to go back in the house I stopped, looked up at the sky and took a deep breath. I usually crave this weather–heavy clouds, light rain, chilly breeze–but there has been so much of it lately that I have actually been craving the sun. That is not like me. I am not a fan of warm weather. As I stood there under a beautifully cloudy sky, I had to apologize for my betrayal.

When you look up at a sky without clouds, you are not seeing the whole of it. You can’t see as far as it reaches for it extends far beyond what the eye can see. You are there, exposed, unprotected from what may be out there. But a cloudy sky has a boundary you can see. There is a cover. To me clouds are like a warm blanket I can snuggle in. Rain cleans the air and the chilly breeze is so refreshing you can drink it in. So I felt a little ashamed of myself when I realized that tonight, I was betraying that beautiful cloudiness by wishing it would pass so the sun would come out. I just need one day though. Just one day of sun and then the clouds can return. I just need one day of shine and then the beautiful gloom can return. Just one day.


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