Be Picky

Over the weekend I ran into an aunt I haven’t seen in forever. She and I had a great conversation in which we talked about relationships. She said to me, “be picky.” I assured her that I was. I also told her I keep myself too busy for a relationship anyway.

This morning, in a conversation with coworkers about date rejections, I said my goto decline was, “my life is just crazy busy right now.” The truth is my life is crazy busy…all the time…by design: 

  1. Because there is so much I want to accomplish. 
  2. Because I like staying busy. 
  3. So that I’m not lying if I get asked out and want to say no. 

Some people would say I’m setting myself up for relational failure but I don’t think so. I think not being picky is relational failure.

I’ve settled in relationships before and it was unhealthy for both of us. I’ll know that a date is with someone I’m really interested in when I’m willing to take time, out of my busy life that I love, to get to know them. It means more work from the guy to be persistent and more sacrifice from me to take the time. If my relationship isn’t made with that recipe, I’d probably doubt its health and whether or not it’s worth both our time.


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