Hollywood greed and The Mockingjay

Money is not the root of all evil, but the love of money is. And that is what destroyed the Mockingjay franchise. Making this third book into two movies instead of one made the last movie feel disjointed, disconnected, and made me not feel as much emotion about the events that should’ve meant more to me than they did.
I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie. And I should say that I still enjoyed the movie even though I felt disconnected from the characters. But the disconnect from the characters feels tragic to me. These are characters that I spent weeks and weeks with in the books. And I’ve seen all of the first three movies several times. I should not have been so blasé about some of the things that happened in the last movie. But, for some reason the characters seemed different to me. They didn’t feel like the same characters that I felt I knew so well in the books and in the first few films.

I should offer a disclaimer that my general malaise could be caused by the fact that this was the last film. I do have a tendency to get a little sad and nostalgic when a story comes to an end. But still, my sadness should be that that’s the last I’ll get to see of these characters, but that’s not the sadness here. The sadness I feel is that I didn’t get to see the characters. The sadness I feel is that the story came to an end and it ended the way it should, but it was devoid of the chance to say goodbye the characters that I loved. This last film just wrapped up scenarios, it didn’t actually feel like characters telling the rest of their story. And that makes me sad.

I think a lot of this disconnection could have been avoided had they made just one Mockingjay movie. But alas, they get to make more money this way. 


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