That’s my kind of love: “Words and Pictures” – a film review

I typically only write about films I absolutely loved or absolutely hated. If film review was my job, I’d waste words on the in-betweens. This film, “Words and Pictures,” I loved…for obvious, nerdy, twisted reasons.

Fantastic story. Fantastic characters. I’m a sucker for imperfect yet inspiring English teachers. Juliette Binoche is always amazing. I’m an English nerd and this film hit all the literary sweet spots. Obviously, a smarter person may not think this film was as “intelligent” as I thought it to be, but (again I say) I’m a nerd and I smiled like a giddy school girl at the use of words as art and as a defense of art.

And being a girl, obviously the love story played a role in my loving this film but more than just the presence of a love story was this particular brand of love. It was the bantering kind. It was unorthodox. They were at war with each other but that war brought out the best in each of them. They used words and art to tear each other down, professionally and personally, but it was that tearing down that invigorated them both. I’ve often said that I want a fighter, not a lover. I enjoy a good argument. The two main characters in this film exhibited this love perfectly. It was a bantering, angry, infuriating kind of love but still deeply respectful and true. The way he finds her fantastic, the things about him that impress her, yet they can’t help but to continually push and instigate each other more and more toward some distant, possibly unattainable version of themselves.

That’s my kind of love.

Neither character was perfect. They each had flaws. Imperfections are beautiful. Imperfections make us who we are, they show us who we want to be, they show us who we don’t want to be, and they make us better people. These characters, in all their imperfect glory, were real. Realistic. Believable. Funny. Honest. And by the end, there was a level beyond where they started. They were the same people, still real, but somehow better than before.

I highly recommend.


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