I Hate the 4th of July

I don’t necessarily hate the holiday itself or the history behind it. I may not be patriotic but I like history. My hatred of the holiday, and a few others, has nothing to do with the reason for those holidays. It has to do with the traditions that go along with them. Basically, I hate fireworks. I know they will never be outlawed and they will always be popular, but they can also be torment…and I don’t just mean for your pets.

For the many years that I lived with my Pop, a WWII Veteran, any time there were fireworks meant we were not going to have a good night. I would always have to wake him up from a bad dream, sometimes several times in the night. The sound of fireworks transported him back to a place he never wanted to be in the first place. I’d hear him yelling and I’d run into his room to find him kicking and fighting someone in his sleep. I imagine that soldiers coming home from later wars suffering from PTSD must also hate the sound of fireworks.

Call me unpatriotic, call me un-American if you want to…but anyone who has a loved one who gets transported back to hell due to a stupid celebration tradition, and has to see the torment and fear in their faces during those nightmares, would hate fireworks too.


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