I’m a fool, and I’m okay with that…

Sometimes I wonder if what God asks us to do for someone else is less about them and more about us. I felt lead to have a conversation – that I really didn’t want to have – about God with someone who I felt probably would ridicule me for it. Well, I had the conversation and the ridicule came. The discussion was about miracles. He said flippantly that it would take one for things to get better for him. I mentioned how I was willing to pray for one for him if that was really what it would take. He made it clear that he doesn’t believe in miracles and made even clearer with his tone that he thought me a fool for believing in them.

I walked away from that conversation saying, “Well, God? What the crap was that for?”

What the conversation didn’t do that I thought it would:

  • open a dialogue about God
  • maybe bring someone to think “wow, someone cares”

What it did:

  • made me feel stupid
  • made me think that I might as well have been speaking Chinese
  • made me think that there really are people out there who will NEVER know Christ
  • affirmed my belief in miracles
  • made me think of my answer to questions that weren’t asked such as: “Do you really believe in miracles?” – “Yes, they may not all be large like someone being raised from the dead or the parting of the Red Sea. Sometimes they are just small enough to give someone hope.”
  • made me believe that yes, I may be a fool but I’m okay with that because at least I am a fool with hope

So, maybe today’s event was less about me being there for someone else, showing Christ to them and more about me being willing to step out even if the results were much less than ideal. Maybe it was for me to be willing to make a fool out of myself for Christ…and to be okay with that.


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