How Non-Christians are better at honoring the Sabbath than Christians

The secular world does Sunday better than we do. They know what it’s really for. A day of rest. Most Christians don’t rest on Sundays. And if they do, they are ridiculed by other Christians for it. I stayed home one Sunday morning and watched a sermon podcast instead of going to church and I got so much crap for that it was unGodly.

Here are some differences…

An example of a secular Sunday:

no alarm clock
wake up leisurely
a cup of coffee and the Sunday Times
Sunday brunch with a loved one
a nap
perhaps some sort of entertaining activity, quality time with others and dinner
an early night at home with some sort of relaxing beverage
off to bed, relaxed so that Monday morning they wake rested to start the  week

My typical Sunday:

alarm at 630
snooze till 645
at church 730-745
sound check/rehearsal
1st service (9am) running sound
between service tech responsibilities and bathroom break
2nd service (1045am) running sound
post service tech responsibilities
lunch with friends or family
youth service prep and other tasks 3-4
youth band practice 4-530
leader prayer 540
youth service (6pm) running sound
college and career fellowship 830-10
getting home late

I get home on Sunday night worn out and no amount of sleep can usually bring me up to par for Monday morning. I know of a lot of Christians who are like that. Why is it like that? I understand personal sacrifice for ministry but we are killing ourselves on the supposed “day of rest” getting no rest at all. How is that spiritually or physically healthy?

I am open to debate and ridicule for this post so fire away.


One thought on “How Non-Christians are better at honoring the Sabbath than Christians

  1. My thoughts on this are that the Sabbath doesn’t have to be a Sunday. If Sunday is a busy day for you from church involvement, then you need to prioritize Saturday as your sabbath, or “day of rest”. I also disagree that staying home from Sunday morning gathering is wrong or “ungodly”. You can be a great Christian and not even go to” church ” in my opinion. Scripture says to not forsake meeting together, but that could be Bible study or prayer meeting.

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