On Being A Mother

I get some pretty crazy looks. Not from people in the world, they are ok with whatever. I get these crazy looks from people in church. It’s almost as if being a Christian requires that I someday get married and have kids (which is not in my current plan). You must go forth and multiply. Being barren was very degrading in Bible times. The absence of the ability to procreate, was an absence of purpose. It’s amazing how true that still rings today in some circles.

When did that become a criteria for faith in this day and age? When did that become a requirement of being a Christ follower? When did I become weird? (Ok, I already know the answer to that one…I’ve always been weird.) When did it become ok to determine my purpose, and even my faith status, based on my desire (or lack of) to have kids?

I could just as easily turn the tables and question the judgment of all those who desire kids, giving counter point to what they believe is a logical and reasoned out choice. But I won’t. They have the desire for children. There doesn’t need to be logic in it. Yet I feel compelled to share my logic for not desiring kids every time the focus is turned on me. I’ve had many conversations listing the points that lead me to my decision. Am I saying that my mind and heart can’t change in the future? No, but I’m stubborn enough to stick with it just because no one else understands it.


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