Magic Words

I’ve said it several times before in several different places. I mentioned it just the other day on social media when I talked about a couple I saw at a coffee shop. One of the things I miss about being in a relationship is having someone with whom I could just sit and not have to speak. I miss having someone I could go to a coffee shop with who had their work/reading while I had mine and we could share a table and just be productive together. I know that sounds weird but let me explain with a story about a great day where I heard the magic words from not just one friend, but from two.

I was at a coffee shop with a friend I meet for breakfast every Saturday morning. She and I discuss life, have breakfast, drink lots of coffee and discuss God and Scripture. It’s a great time that I look forward to every week. This past Saturday we were surprised to find out that a mutual friend was in town and he wanted to meet us at the coffee shop. By the time we knew he was on his way to meet us, she and I had talked for 3 hours and were actually planning to leave. We gladly decided to wait for him! While we waited she said, “I know you have some writing to do and I brought a book so if you want to go ahead and write I can read and you don’t have to entertain me while we wait for him.”

Those were the magic words. This friend showed herself to be the kind of friend that I could talk to for hours AND the kind of friend with whom I could sit and not have to speak! A double blessing friendship! And we had a good 20 minutes of work/reading until he got there.

When he showed up we sat and talked to him for a couple of hours and then she had to leave to go to work so he and I stayed and talked for another hour. Our conversation started to fade and I still had a bunch of writing to do so I was just getting ready to leave when he said, “do you still have some work to do? If so, would you mind doing it here? I have some time before I have to leave and I have some work to do so I thought, if you were cool with it, maybe we could just work?”

Those magic words again…and that is what we did. We worked. It was great. I found another friend with whom I could work/write/read. The whole day was productive both on a relational and a professional level! I was rejuvenated after 7.5 hours at a coffee shop in Cedarville, Ohio with two awesome friends!


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