We have a tendency to assign human attributes to God. Flaws and weaknesses we see in people become part of the perspective we have on God. The difficulties we have in relationships on earth become factors in how we relate to God.

For example:

Someone we loved left us so we can’t see God as a guaranteed constant.

Family issues make seeing God as a Father a little tricky.

We seem to get beat up emotionally every time we step out of the house to face the world so we see God as being absent from our everyday lives.

We’ve been taught that behavior can be learned by outside influence or persuasion so we see God as a cop waiting to give us a ticket or lock us up in jail for our failures.

Someone took something we told them in confidence and used it in a way that hurt us so we don’t trust God enough to tell Him our secrets – even though He already knows them.

I trust a lot of people in certain ways. I trust my pastor to lead the church. I trust the mailman to bring my mail. I trust the meteorologists to get the weather wrong most of the time. I trust NPR and BBC World News to tell me what’s going on in the world. I trust my friends to tease me and make me laugh. I trust music to set my mood and I make my listening choices accordingly. I trust the teenagers and some of the adults at my church to provide a little too much drama every week. I trust my family to always be there when I need something. I trust that my insurance rates will go up every year. I trust my 401K guy to invest wisely for me. I trust my CPA to do a good job on my taxes. I trust Starbucks to make me a good cup of coffee. etc…etc…etc.

My trust is in people doing what they are supposed to do but it is a trust that doesn’t really go any deeper than that. I have approached God with the same level of trust. I trust Him to keep me from going completely destitute. I’ve always had a job when I needed one and most of them have come about in a way that hints at a divine orchestration. So even though I am looking into the barrel of unemployment soon, I am not really worried. However, it was brought to my attention this weekend at a time when I was actually listening to God (I’m sure He finds it more beneficial to speak to me when I’m slightly more open to what He has to say), that I don’t trust Him with the relational stuff like my hopes and fears. There are times when I have doubted that He cared or that He would/could do anything about them. I have a tendency to avoid the hard things in life and though I can sit in a room and have a conversation or make people laugh, the truly deeper side of being relational with people in life is hard for me so I try to avoid it and I’ve been doing the same thing with God. I’ve talked to Him, I’m sure I’ve even made Him laugh, but have I really said anything of substance to Him lately?


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