I cringed…

It is becoming clearer and clearer to me the differences between the way men and women think. It is very true that men find worth in what they do and women find worth in who they are. If you want to compliment a man, tell him he did a good job at what ever it is that he did. If you want to compliment a woman, tell her how you appreciate some aspect of her personality.

Typically, the traits of my character are not demure and feminine, but in this aspect…I am all girl! There was an event from which I was possibly going to be absent. I was told that I would be missed because I was needed there to make sure A, B, and C would get done. I cringed. I understood the sentiment behind the comment, but I still cringed. When a woman hears that kind of statement, she hears that if someone else was there doing A, B, and C, then she wouldn’t be missed at all.

Maybe I am over-generalizing. Maybe it’s just me who hears that underlining message. I’ll own that. Insecurities can really make a person hear things that aren’t meant. I know I’d be missed. But it’s funny how we don’t always hear correctly even when we’re listening. 


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