Can’t sleep, so write

Some people read themselves to sleep. Some people sing themselves to sleep. I’m wondering if writing yourself to sleep is possible. I’m too hyped up. I will have to rethink caffeine late at night from now on.

Currently my mind is racing! Bouncing back and forth between several thoughts. When I can’t sleep, I usually just turn on the TV and fall asleep to fiction but my current sleeping arrangements make that impossible so I turn to the fiction in my head. Thinking over the characters, what they might be saying or doing, and how I’m going to write it. Which brings about certain concerns about the writing itself. Will it be good? Or will it be full of cliches and too cumbersome to read?

I’ve heard it said that writers are notoriously insecure. Guilty. Fear and anxiety over my writing ability leave me paralyzed at times. So much so that I can’t write a single word for fear that even the paper on which I write it or the computer on which I type it will be offended by the lack of style and creativity.

Someday, I’m going to have to write all of it down. These people are real, if only in my head, and have stories to tell.


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