A Woman’s Purpose

It is in a woman’s DNA, her genetic make-up, in the way God created her, to desire being needed. It’s why we make great wives and mothers, nurses and teachers. Those of us who are single have to find different ways to use our gifts and talents that facilitate the needs of others. We find it in our careers (nurses and teachers), in our ministry opportunities (with kids, teens and college students), or in our other endeavors (volunteering, pet-owning, etc.) And just like a parent or teacher situation, we are proud of the ones who needed us but don’t anymore. We know this is the circle of life and purpose. Those who once needed us grow up and move on. It’s what is supposed to happen. But along with the sense of accomplishment and pride comes the feeling of sadness and mourning for the loss of purpose and we must find new recipients with whom to share our gifts while still being available to those who once needed us in the event that they might need us again.


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