Things I wish I’d known…

In becoming an adult, especially a single one, there are certain things you learn the hard way. Here is a list of my hard knocks lessons and discoveries. This is in no way a comprehensive list – there is still a lot I have to learn. Also, they are numbered but the order in which the are numbered does not correlate with ranking.

1. Regardless of your accomplishments, a single woman will never be seen as a fully grown adult. So ladies, just get used to it.
2. Living alone can be grand! But, keep your mess to a minimum! When parents visit, a lecture always ensues. (Still learning this lesson.)
3. Never discuss the particulars of your finances with your dad. TRUST me!
4. Laundry doesn’t do itself and becomes Mount St Helen’s very quickly!
5. TV is the enemy of productivity.
6. Silence is both refreshing and physically painful…but necessary at times for sanity.
7. Maintaining a home filing system does not gel well with creative, scatterbrained people…such as myself.
8. Stupid trophies are inevitable! Don’t use your failures as an excuse to fear living. (Again, still learning this one.)
9. If you can afford it, hire someone to mow your lawn.
10. There are only a handful (if that) of people who will actually encourage you to follow your dreams. Don’t let the nay-sayers be the only voices you hear.

I wanted to end this blog entry with some funny quip about adulthood being for the birds and Peter Pan having the right idea but instead I will leave you with one final thought. Many times, a negative attitude is the only thing separating us from being able to really live! So, regardless of your social or financial status in life, stay hopeful. Hope is the key to not going completely crazy.


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