Dream Interpretation

Okay friends, to those of you who can interpret dreams, I need your help.

Last night I had a disturbing dream where I was in a location with a lot of loving people and having a great time but there was also an old friend there to whom I rarely speak now. There wasn’t a falling out that I am aware of, just distance and time. As I approached this friend to reconnect I was met with averted eyes and I was blatantly and intentionally ignored. This former friend even went so far as to have people come and physically remove me from the location in order to avoid any interaction. I was heart broken.

What does this mean?


One thought on “Dream Interpretation

  1. 😦 Sometimes we would like to go back and recconnect, but we can’t, they have moved on and we did too. Missing someone is ok, it shows we still have a heart.

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