This past weekend I went to Tennessee for my cousin B.J.’s college graduation party. While down there I visited the nursing home where my cousin Jordan works. It was her day off and another person in our family was visiting one of the residents there. It was a very interesting visit for a few reasons.

First of all, one of my current writing projects is a fictional work about people in a nursing home so I observed it from a writer/researcher viewpoint. Seeing the residents, how they behaved and how they interacted with each other and staff, all of it was cataloged in my mind for possible future writing.

Secondly, I find myself being very tender-hearted toward the elderly. Maybe that has something to do with the years I spent taking care of my Poppy to avoid having to put him in one of those places? Maybe God has geared me that way for a reason? Maybe it’s just that in my experience, I’ve found that the elderly have the best stories to tell? Either way, that certainly played a role in my interest in the visit.

Thirdly, I was able to witness someone else thriving in their purpose. If you read my Thriving in Purpose blog entry from before then you know that I find it very intriguing to see someone doing exactly what they were created to do. It is an awesome thing to witness, like watching magic. Well, as we walked through the halls and I watched Jordan interact with the residents of the nursing home where she worked, I was witness to that magic once again.


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