Thriving In Purpose

Have you ever just watched someone as they operated within the sweet spot of their purpose? It’s a great thing to see. Most of the time they don’t even know they are doing it. But being witness to it is like watching God Himself paint a masterpiece. It’s exciting, soothing, calming, and awesome all at once.

I think I’ve always noticed it. When I was a kid that feeling came over me in classes with certain teachers. I could just tell when the teachers were meant to be doing exactly what they were doing. It’s hard to explain. A feeling just comes over me and I sense the overwhelming importance of what is taking place. I can offer examples but for those of you who don’t know the people to whom I am referring the point may get lost. I will give it a try nonetheless.

  • Watching Aimee Pritts talk to teenagers and run around to make sure everyone has what they need (I’m sure if I ever witnessed her small group with teen girls I’d have another example.)
  • Listening to Brannon and Gloria Hancock sing
  • Being in a class where Brannon is teaching
  • Spending time with Gloria and her children (She claims that everything is always hectic. I have told her several times that being with them is my calm. I’ve never really been able to explain that the reason it’s my calm is because no matter how crazy it gets, I’m witnessing something magical when I’m with them.)
  • Watching Nate Laughhunn write songs and then perform the songs he’s written
  • Watching Don McNally turn teens into some of the best leaders I know
  • Watching Steve Ambrose be super silly to get a teenager’s attention just before he teaches them an important lesson
  • Watching Mindy Chrisman be a mother to her children and interact with teenage girls

And the most recent example that got me thinking about all these other examples:

  • Watching Nathan Chrisman stand in front of a sanctuary full of nervous teenagers and put the whole day of competition ahead into perspective for them

There are so many more examples. I’ve been truly blessed to witness others thriving in their purpose. It has filled me with awe and wonder. I only wish I could find the words to best explain it. I pray the Lord never takes this awareness away from me because I am so thankful for it.


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