Functional Brokenness

The road to heaven is paved with functional brokenness. Until you realize that you are broken, how you got that way, that you don’t want to be broken anymore, and that God is the only one who can fix you, brokenness will remain debilitating. It’s only after realization, acceptance, and release that freedom is possible and the brokenness morphs from being a crutch, hangup, or perverted badge of honor to being the avenue through which God chooses to work in your life. After realization, brokenness is another growth opportunity. After acceptance, brokenness is what makes you pliable enough for God to shape you. After release, brokenness no longer defines you but refines you. You welcome it and in one fluid motion, as you stretch out your mangled arms, you release control and embrace the uncontainable Grace coming from the Lover of the broken.


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