The One (hopefully only) Time I’ll Address Politics

I will address this topic once, and only once. Politics is running rampant at the moment and it is turning friend against friend and family member against family member and Christian against Christian. Facebook and Twitter have become battlegrounds instead of places to merely interact.

Here is my take.

A vote either way (Obama or Romney) will be the equivalent of taking my vote, putting it in a plastic Wal-mart bag and tossing it in the garbage. Neither one of the candidates – and for that matter, neither one of the parties – represent me. And I strongly feel that neither man can be trusted.

I am one of those in-the-middle people, as far as party lines are concerned. I see things on both sides that I like and it runs about 50/50. For example: I like the Pro-Life stance of the Right but I like the Anti-Capital Punishment of the Left. (Seriously!!! Someone is going to have to explain to me one day how you can be pro-life and pro-death at the same time!!!) I like the foreign policies typically adopted by the Right and the social justice programs and domestic agendas of the Left.

Basically, there is no one out there that represents me 100% or even 75% or even 60%. If there is, he/she can’t get a word in edgeways with these two blowhards with all the money. So NO, I DON’T care WHO you’re voting for. I DON’T care WHY you think one is better than the other. And most likely, I am going to think those of you who shout the loudest about either one’s qualities or shortcomings (as if this decision, election, milestone in America’s history is the end all to beat all, life or death moment) are idiots who need to focus on more important things like who in your neighborhood doesn’t have clothes, shoes or food or who in your family needs a stronger relationship with God.

So there it is. I know a lot of you are going to think I’m an idiot…oh, I don’t care about that either.


One thought on “The One (hopefully only) Time I’ll Address Politics

  1. Once again, you put so well into words exactly what I’m thinking. People would never expect us to agree so much, I’d bet. 🙂

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