Some friends came over one night a couple of months ago and a spontaneous jam session broke out. One guy got my guitar and another guy got one of my bass guitars and the music flowed. It was fantastic. I loved every second of it. That was when I realized that I want my home to be a place where creative people congregate.

I’ve had people over before who would sit for hours and write music. I bought a big table for my office so that more than one person can sit at it and create or work at one time. I’d love it to be even bigger. I love sitting around my house with friends and telling stories and listening to stories. All of it for entertainment and enjoyment. All of it creative.

There is a pub in England where J.R.R Tolkien and C.S. Lewis used to meet for drinks to discuss literature and life. It is called The Eagle and Child. In the spirit of communal creativity, I’ve decided to name my place. In some social media venues, you can mark where you are when you post something. My place has become TheEandC as homage to a couple of half-way-decent creative guys.


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