Which me do you see?

There is this friend of a friend who I haven’t seen in a while so I messaged him to see how he was doing. After the update he mentioned that he kept up with me via my blog. Obviously I want readers, what is a writer without readers? But I immediately got self conscious. First because this guy is an English teacher so he’s probably critiquing my writing. But also because  I began to wonder…what picture is he getting of me?

Obviously, he’s only getting a picture of the me I put on display when I get the notion to write. Is he getting an accurate picture of me? Is anyone who reads my stuff getting an accurate picture? Sometimes I write when I’m happy. Sometimes I write when I’m dealing with hard stuff? Would someone who is physically around me get a different picture of me than those who just read my blog? Which view of me would I prefer people get?

So many questions. Are any of them relevant?


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