My 2012 God word – revisited

My God-word this year was going to have something to do with who God is to me but a new word is in the lead.


I am seriously deficient when it comes to forgiving those who’ve hurt me. If I step back and look at myself its quite scary. When I’m hurt, I can make a break in a friendship but continue cordiality and the perception of friendship to the extent that the person I’ve “cut-off” has no clue the friendship was severed. Its a horrible talent I have of being angry while simultaneously being unwilling to deal with the cause. The break only manifests itself in my perception of the one who hurt me. I no longer trust them but there is no change in my behavior with them except perhaps how much of myself and my thoughts I give away when they are around.

But I will not be forgiven if I don’t first forgive.


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