A healthy dose of skepticism

So, I’m reading the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy. I’m beginning to notice that the young female lead is very skeptical. She’s constantly wondering why people act the way they do. She tries to figure out everyone’s agenda…as if everyone has an agenda. She’s constantly questioning loyalties and never truly trusts anyone. Given her situation in her world lead by tyranny and filled with bloodshed, it may be wise for her to live that way.

I’ve recently been filled with skepticism, wondering about motives, questioning the reasoning of others. Does that mean something is wrong with me? Or does the fault lie within our society? That someone so happy-go-lucky as I used to be could now see the world as it is (a dark and scary place with pockets of beauty) and see people as they are (flawed and selfish with moments of sincerity) is a testament to maturity, not a need for therapy.

I’m certainly not opposed to therapeutic practices. They certainly have their place. Some people that need them don’t get them and some that don’t need them get too much. I’m merely trying to point out that growth and maturity in the form of skepticism (however depressing it may seem) isn’t a symptom of a deep inner problem that needs to be analyzed. It’s a necessary reaction to circumstance and a direction toward maneuvering within that circumstance with some semblance of rationality.


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