A solemn moment ruined

It had been about a year since I’d taken communion. The reasons were deliberate but private. Finally the Sunday came that I was going to take it. I walked up to the front where Youth Pastor Kyle and Junior High Youth Director Steve (both good friends of mine) were one of the many teams administering communion to the congregation. The people in front of me in line would approach Steve and Kyle and they’d hear a very solemn “This is my body broken for you…”. I was in a very solemn, reflective and introspective mood and expected to hear the same thing from the guys when it was my turn but instead I heard them say very casually and jovially “Caaaarrrriiieee!” which made me laugh. I took my communion and sat back down a little perturbed that they made me laugh on such an important spiritual occasion for me. It was a solemn moment ruined. Or was it?
Truth is, I tend to receive things better when laughter is involved. Everyone pretty much knows that in order to get my attention you’ve got to make me laugh. Perhaps that was God’s way of welcoming me back from my spiritual hiatus? Communion was an act of worship that I had actively avoided for almost a year. Maybe God decided to give me a good laugh as a gift upon my deliberate and thoughtful return?


One thought on “A solemn moment ruined

  1. Maybe that “informality” was God’s way of reminding you that communion, while certainly on one level a sobering reflection on the death of Jesus, is at the same time a joyous (revelrous, even – well, maybe if we used real wine!) celebration of his resurrection.

    Welcome back to the table.

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