Sometimes the truth is the wrong answer

There is a list of 34 X-ray Questions by David Powlison that I take time every now and then to answer. Right now I am on question 13 and I’ve realized that in being truthful with myself I answered each part of it incorrectly.

Q: Whom must you please?
A: Everyone

Q: Whose opinion counts?
A: Everyone’s

Q: From whom do you desire approval or fear rejection?
A: Everyone

Q: Whose value system do you measure yourself against?
A: Everyone’s

Q: In whose eyes are you living?
A: Everyone’s

I was completely honest in my answers but each one was still wrong. Why were they wrong? Because I am too dependent on the perception of others for my worth. And when those perceptions are not favorable I hit bottom. I’ve hit bottom too many times. Something has to change.


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