my destiny

Sometimes I think I would like to date and have a boyfriend but when I daydream about my future — about going on trips, buying a house, etc. — I’m always alone. It’s always just me doing things on my own, living my way. I don’t see myself with someone for the long haul. I think I would like someone now but when I see myself in the future I don’t see anyone else there with me. Is it because I am alone now so the daydreams portray a future based on your current situation? Is it because I don’t have hope that I will ever meet anyone else again? Or, is there something ingrained in my psyche trying to tell me that the single life is my destiny? If it is my destiny I think it will be okay with me. I liked living alone when I did. Sometimes I wish I had someone to watch movies with and such but for the long haul I think I am an alone person. It isn’t a bad thing it’s just different from what most people think is normal. But then again if you ask anyone who knows me they will tell you that I am anything but normal.


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