My 2012 God word

Every year around New Year my friends and I pray for God to give us a word for the year. What he wants to teach us or show us or do for us in the coming year. It can be one word or it can be multiple words.

This year I am still praying for the exact word. I do believe I know the general idea of my 2012 word though. It comes from the question of how I see God. Who is God or what is God to me?

For a long time I’ve seen God as a distant spectator who just watched from a distance and didn’t really contribute anything. I could see Him up on His thrown with a big screen TV watching my life like it was some reality show, pointing and laughing at my flubs and leaning over to an angel, shaking his head and saying, “Did you just see what she did? What a loser she is! Such a silly and mixed up girl who needs smacked!”

What made my view worse is that God isn’t like us watching TV. We CAN’T do anything to help the poor, mixed up people we are watching but He could intervene because He is God. I felt like He intentionally was doing nothing.

This year I believe God wants me to see Him differently and I believe the word He will give me will have something to do with that new view of Him.

What is your word going to be this year? Pray about it. God always wants to teach you something. He always wants to help you grow. The word He gives you will be challenging. Growth is always a challenge but it is worth it.


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