The waste of a wish

The other night I wished upon a star…again. I do it every time I’m outside at night. I say the rhyme and make a wish. I’ve discussed the proper use of a wish before and once again, the other night, I wished badly.

The star-wish should be used for beautiful and whimsical reasons but I used it to sway an uncomfortable situation. I feel as though I betrayed the star. It seemed to work but using the wish to fix a situation tarnished the star on which the wish was made. The star’s power was drained. It’s as if 1 fix-wish uses up the power of 100 whimsy-wishes. In making such a wish I was selfish of the star’s power and used up more than my allotted amount causing others’ wishes to be less potent.

So my waste of a wish wasn’t just detrimental to me (I could have used it for something better) and the star (I tarnished it), but also to the other people who wished on that same star that night with no result.


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