Too busy to see the truth

I get myself so worked up with unimportant things that I miss the truth. There is a lot of noise and sensory overload in this world that I miss so much … maybe a lot that God wants me to see.

Tonight I went to church. I feel that I haven’t really been to church in a while. I mean I try to go every week but last week I visited my dad’s church for a homecoming and couldn’t stay for the preaching because I had to go to pick up some of the food for after. This morning I couldn’t go to church because I stayed home with Poppy. But tonight I went to a praise rally with the teens and heard some very good truths. I was fed a good helping of God tonight. It puts so much into perspective. Like the post I wrote just previous to this one about being a murderer of love was way out of perspective. But tonight, I was fed a healthy dose of perspective.

I took church for granted for so long as just a social gathering and something to do, but when I don’t have it for a while, I realize how much gathering with other believers and hearing truth and seeking God is necessary for my perspective and sanity and spiritual health.


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