Dear friends, I am a murderer of love

So, I give advice. I tell people (teens mostly) to focus on Living and Being Themselves and Following God. Doesn’t seem like bad advice. But, when teens are in or wanting to be in romantic relationships I think I do my best to railroad it. It isn’t intentional. I try to get them to enjoy their high school and college experiences like I never allowed myself to because I was too wrapped up in the boyfriends. I try to get them to have friends and enjoy studies and LIVE.

But I need to realize that just because I forfeited friendships and my studies and even my relationship with God because of my romantic relationships doesn’t mean they are going to … right? Just because my relationship during college was all consuming and it ended as a big fiery bag of steaming dog poo and had to be stomped out which left me dejected and broken and bitter…doesn’t mean that is what is going to happen to all of them…right? Oh God, I hope not because it’s still causing me grief.

So to wrap up…I am a murderer of hope and love and I am not well enough to offer advice of any kind to anyone…so, if you value your own sanity and happiness, you may want to seek guidance some where else.


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