Who really knows

Can one person really know another? We’d like to think that we are the same with everyone but the truth is people are different and we deal with people accordingly so we are different depending on who we are with. I am different with my family than I am with my friends and vice versa. My friends don’t encounter me with my family a lot and no one in my family hangs out with me and my friends so it is safe to say that no one really knows ALL of me. I had a boyfriend who saw me all the time even with family but he didn’t like who I was with my family. He felt that I got loud and obnoxious when I was with them but we are loud and boisterous people and when we get together we get louder and more jovial. He did like who I was when I was just with him, but I didn’t really have a lot of friends at the time and the me I was when I was with him was the me that he manipulated and shaped to be someone he liked. He really didn’t know ME, just his manufactured me. Everyone else only knows bits of me.

I don’t know how I feel about that. Sometimes I wish there was someone who really knew me. Sometimes I try to bring people close but then there are times when I like the chasm between these two lives.

God knows who I am all the time. He knows ME; the me when I am with my family, when I am with my friends, when I am alone. He loves me anyway. I don’t think it is fair to ask the same from another human so the chasm between the MEs will not be bridged…not for a while anyway.


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