It’s time for a breather…

The only sounds in my house right now are the sounds of the laptop humming and the wind blowing outside my slightly open office window. It’s time for a breather.

Today I went outside in the chilly air and looked up at the cloudy sky. The wind blew my hair a little and I took a deep breath. Chilly and windy and cloudy weather is my favorite. I’ve blogged about it before so I won’t go there now but I will reiterate that it is my favorite.

I’m craving change. I know that sounds funny since I am the one who runs from it usually but now I am craving it. I feel that the only change I am allowed is the change in the weather. So I welcome it. I welcome the heat turning to cold, the sunny turning to cloudy, the dry turning to wet. I will gladly bring out my sweaters and coats and scarves. I will sit on my porch, close my eyes, and whisper into the wind “come now.” And I will smile from ear to ear for my best joy and peace comes when cold air arrives.


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