Thoughts from the shower

I was in the shower and I was thinking about words. Words are amazing. I love words and I think every word in the English language should be used to its full potential. Even ugly words have the ability to be beautiful. Just like people. Take me for example. Some days I am uglier than sin but then some days I am hotter than Heidi Klum and Mila Kunis combined! I mean I have had my share of compliments on my looks. It’s mostly from old guys who like to buy me things. I’d like to think that they buy me things because I remind them of a daughter or granddaughter. But really I think they just feel sorry for me because I am 32 and alone. I wouldn’t blame them if that is the case. I mean that’s why I buy me things. And God help the poor bugger that finally gets me and has to deal with all of this (I say as I figuratively point to my body, soul, twisted mind and uncontrollable spirit.)

HAHAHA Man! I crack myself up in the shower. 🙂


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