Why I chose “YaYaGracie”

Some people have wondered why I chose “YaYaGracie” as my pen name. At first I chose to use it on this blog because the internet can be a dangerous place and I didn’t want to use my real name. Plus I didn’t know what all I would want to share on this blog and didn’t want to put too much out there. But, my mission lately has been more about being open. If we can’t be real and honest with each other than we might as well stop breathing.

Now for where I got the name. I know it makes me sound somewhat old because in a lot of cultures they call their grandmas Yaya and I know I am going to sound really girly and lame but I got YaYa from a book. I read the book at a time in my life when I really needed friends. I was dating a guy who put the kibosh on a lot of my friendships and I was trapped in a relationship that suffocated me. This book about a group of female friends filled the gap. Gracie came from Gracie Allen. She was very smart and very funny and she had a man who truly loved her more than you would think any man could love one woman.

So that is where YaYaGracie came from. It’s silly but it’s me.


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