The pen is mightier – for a tongue-tied stammerer like me

A friend told me that I should write more emails because I am able to articulate my feelings better in writing than I do verbally. Anyone who knows me knows that I do not communicate well in spoken form. Writing is the best way for me to communicate. I miss the days of letter writing. Everything moves so fast now that I feel I have to immediately say what I think or feel but then I get tongue-tied with a (sometimes slight and sometimes not so slight) stammer or forget something and we all know how annoying it is to rehash something – to go back and say, “Remember that one conversation? Well, I forgot to tell you…”. Truthfully, they usually DON’T remember “that one conversation” so my addition to the conversation is normally a moot point.

Writing lets me say what I think in an organized manner and gives me time to make sure everything that needs to be said is said. Even then I have a tendency to think later that something may have been beneficial if added to the correspondence. By then I just have to forget it and move on.

Being a writer and an English major means I get blasted for my verbal grammatical snafus but I’d like to think that verbal communication is an extension of personality. My personality is informal, fun, quirky and approachable. The insistence of verbal perfection would not help to convey my personality at all. The same friend who told me I should write more emails is a verbal communication genius. He could easily be a politician or a preacher. Even off the cuff he can convey his thoughts beautifully. I wish I had such talent but instead I am bound to pen and paper – or keyboard and computer screen – to properly express myself. So it is true, the pen really is mightier – for a tongue-tied stammerer like me.


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