Why Did He Love Her?

Watching “Gone With the Wind” I have but one question:
Why did Rhett love Scarlett?
She was arrogant.
She was spoiled.
She was snotty.
She was selfish.
She was backstabbing.
She was manipulative.
He was just as cunning as she and saw all her wicked ways but still he loved her. Why?

I just don’t get it. You want to scream at the screen and tell him to leave her. “Stop fighting for her affections. Stop trying to win a heart that you KNOW will NEVER be your’s.” But he never hears you. She will always only love Ashley. “YOU, Rhett Butler, were a FOOL!” I can barely stand to watch it. She is the star of this movie yet I can’t help but be overjoyed for Rhett when he finally leaves her. A part of me wishes he’d made an honest woman out of Belle. She was tainted but full of heart. And Miss Millie, a kind woman but loyal to a fault, I’d rather be her than Scarlett but at the same time she was also a fool. Even Rhett didn’t understand why Millie loved and trusted Scarlett so much. Yet he loved her as much or more.

Why did he love her? He swept her up the stairs even after she, while married to him, threw herself at the married Ashley Wilkes. He was turned on even after she proved to him that she could never love him like she loved Ashley. Why did he put up with it? Why did he love her? Why couldn’t he keep his hands off of her? Does anyone know?

How many times have I been as foolish in love?


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