Tether Ball…Man of My Dreams (Revisited)

Back in October of 2009 I wrote an entry called Tether Ball and the Man of My Dreams in which I may have implied that all a man has to do to win my heart is play tether ball, wear corduroy slacks, and make me laugh. I guess I should be more specific in my wish list so I’ve decided to add a few things.

He must also:

hold my hand
take out the garbage
like late night, sleepy phone conversations
play with my hair
make me feel special
be funny
be intelligent
talk fast
not get mad at or make fun of  me when I knock over stuff or fall
hold me when I cry
tell me when I’m being too needy and dependent
buy me ice cream when I’m down…and up…and in-between
tell me I’m beautiful
open child proof containers for me
tell me when I’m driving too fast
like to dance (fast/goofy and slow)
know the titles of Jane Austen’s novels (not a deal breaker)
like staying in more than going out
be willing to go out when I don’t feel like staying in
like newish folk/indie music
make funny faces at cameras
have a beautiful smile
have hauntingly beautiful eyes
read the Bible
play musical instruments
do things to fix the things he complains about (DEAL BREAKER)

You may think I am being picky. Maybe I am. But I think we all deserve nothing less than everything we want. These are things that make me smile and laugh and that’s all I ever really want to do for the rest of my life.


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