Speaking of… (college boyfriend and steve)

I dated this guy in college and one of the best things about our relationship was that we could sit for hours without speaking to each other. I would have my books and he would have some work to do and we could go on forever doing our individual thing without having to entertain each other. Looking back that may have been an omen as to why we didn’t stay together but for some reason it is still one of the things I loved about us. We just liked being in the same room together and could do our own thing. After that relationship I had to learn how to be alone. I hated it until I finally got used to it and then I loved it.

Several years later I had a friend named Steve and we had Bible study at his house every week. There were times when I got to his house early – before everyone else. If he minded, at least he was nice enough not to say so. His house was peaceful and I didn’t seem to have many peaceful places to go at the time.

One time, I went to his soccer game – he coached a high school team. I was too late for the game but too early for Bible study scheduled for later that night. He told me at the soccer field that I could come on over if I wanted so I did. When we got to his house, he went to clean up after the game – even the coaches got a workout – and I went to the big, fluffy couch to write a little. He came out to the living room a bit later and I kept doing what I was doing and he sat in his chair with his head back and his eyes closed. We went for a long while without speaking and it was nice. I had forgotten how nice that was. Sitting in a room with someone and not having to say a word.

Some guys are like that – none of the girls I know are like that. I miss having guy friends.


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