A Note From Long Ago

Here is an edited/updated version of a little blurb I wrote a long time ago. I just found it in a pile of papers. Funny how it’s still relevent…

A blank sheet of paper is the most beautiful thing in the world. It waits patiently for the endless possibilities created by you – the person with the pen. You see that its beauty is in its expectation. The paper expects you to paint extraordinary pictures of things on its surface; things that are beautiful, horrible, sad, happy, ugly, white, black, blue, orange, gold, silver, soft, rough, simple, complicated, harmful, deadly, lively, funny, emotional, numb. But a blank sheet of paper is also the most intimidating thing in the world. Even in its patience it taunts you. It laughs at you for your inability to put these extraordinary things into cohesive sentences and you feel overwhelming insecurity, restlessness, sadness, heartache, heaviness, anger, and loneliness. The truth is, most of the things in this world that are so beautiful tend to intimidate those of us admiring them.


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