A Project in Shambles


The female species is filled with sad funny creatures. We will go to great lengths for men. We will tend to their homes. We will carry and birth their children. We will wash their dirty underwear. We will do whatever it takes. We are strong and we are courageous. But sometimes our great lengths are beyond the call of duty and become detrimental to our very nature. Sometimes we go too far. 

A contractor will take on a job where they must demolish a portion of a home or building and then rebuild it to the owner’s specifications. However, if those specifications cannot be met the project could go unfinished for a length of time. During that time, the demolished portion stays in shambles. In the same way a woman (or even a girl) will sometimes demolish a portion of her life-her character, her personality, her body-and try to rebuild it to the specifications of a man (boy). If the specifications cannot be met, that portion of her life is in shambles. It stays a demolished mess for as long as she allows it. The dirt and dust of the demolished portion can spread to other areas of her life making the mess larger and harder to contain or maintain. I know what that is like. 

I don’t know if my mess can ever be fully dealt with. I’ve let portions of my building stay an unfinished mess for far too long and the dust and dirt have tainted many other rooms in my life. One thing I can do is warn others that the practice of tear-down-rebuild can be toxic if not handled properly.


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