A Breakthrough? Or Just a Waste of Breath?

There is a metaphorical Vegas that my friends and I go to on occasion. It’s when we have something to share with each other that cannot leave the room or the car or the driveway where the story was told or whispered. There is a metaphorical Reno as well. It’s where the conversation or story isn’t as tumultuous but still a far-out topic that requires a bit of discretion. Also, one difference between our Reno and our Vegas is that Vegas is just us girls but the guys can come along to Reno whenever they are inclined.

Me and two of my friends, a friend-girl and a friend-boy (phrases we use because in today’s society terms like boyfriend and girlfriend tend to imply more intimate relations), went to Reno the other night. Obviously with the whole discretion thing I can’t discuss the topics or revelations of the conversation but, I can say that I may have had a breakthrough. I was able to share something with the friend-boy that has been bugging me for several years about something he said. The friend-girl knew where I was going with the conversation and cheered me on. She later said she was proud of me for sharing with the friend-boy because I really needed to get it out and he really needed to hear it.

My concern, however, is that like previous conversations with the friend-boy my concerns and sentiments went in one ear and out the other. So, was it really a breakthrough or just a waste of breath?


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