A Stolen Dream

I’ve had this far-fetched dream for about a year or so now. A dream of moving northwest to a city I’ve never seen, a city called Portland in Oregon. I don’t know what started the dream. I think I read a book or two that mentioned it feeling like home to people who have moved there from other parts of the country. From all accounts the city seemed beautiful, whimsical, easy-going, and encouraging to young adults and artists. I don’t know if I will ever see that city let alone actually live there but it was a beautiful dream that was all mine.

But, my dream is in danger of being stolen from me. A friend is thinking of moving there for graduate school. Portland is on his list of possible future homes. He first mentioned going to Pasadena, CA. In my opinion, he is more of a beach-bum than a mountain climber and I think Pasadena is perfect for him. I mentioned Portland in a Bible study about a month ago and now he’s all about Portland. I mentioned it and now he swoops in and tries to pass off that it was his brilliant idea.

I know this sounds very childish of me, the whole, “I saw it first!” routine, but the truth is if he moves there before I do, and I am sure he will get out of this state before I do, Portland will no longer be an option for me. If I go after he’s already there people will say I am only going because he is there and that would not  be true. Is it so bad to want something for myself, to want a dream to myself? I know the chances that I would ever move to Portland are wildly remote but to dream of it is beautiful and freeing.


3 thoughts on “A Stolen Dream

  1. You should go if you want to. Screw what anyone else thinks! I’ve thought for years about moving to Portland because they have so much to offer a nurse with a family…high paying jobs, good schools, second cleanest city in the country, etc. There are soooooo many reasons to go, not the least being that it’s your DREAM, and you shouldn’t let anyone else take that from you. Besides, if you get there first…. you can give me the scoop!

  2. Portland is reachable. Take a trip there with a friend. Watch a movie set in Portland. My cousin just moved there and loves it. He is a writer and his partner is a Hollywood producer. There are probably LA exports living there. I have been and love Oregon. Keep your dreams secret if you don’t want friends stealing them … you have influence on people you don’t realize.

    • Hey Karen! I don’t usually think about my influence on people. I guess I don’t really have enough confidence to think that my words are remembered or even thought twice about, let alone that they affect the thoughts and opinions of others. The fact that you would say that I have such influence is a high compliment and I appreciate it! Thanks!

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