Just a Happy Dream

The road to continued friendship is paved with good intention but stymied by distance, time, and circumstance. Friends move away and you have every intention of staying in touch but when you do have the opportunity to call them you wonder if you are intruding on their new, exciting, and hectic life.  You also become entangled in what is going on around you. If certain friends are no longer in that 50 mile radius that captivates your every thought, they tend to fade out of the picture. It’s sad but true.

I have a group of friends right now that I consider my family but even our dynamic will change one day. Some will move out-of-state for grad school. Some will move out-of-state for a warmer climate. Some will marry and have babies which will draw them to new circles of other parents and school community. Change is necessary. I know. I’ve heard it a million times.

In Donald Miller’s book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years,” chapter twelve is titled “You’ll Be Different at the End.” It talks about the fact that change has to happen. He referenced a friend of his named Marcos who believed that the purpose of life was to search for something and find it. Marcos wondered “if the point (of life) wasn’t the search but the transformation the search creates.” We are all meant to search for something and find it. That search, and finding the something, makes us different.

I forsee a time when the whole of my group is completely different. We are all in different places doing different things and this time in my life, my twenties and thirties with these friends, will sadly be such a faint memory that I will wonder if it wasn’t just a happy dream.


2 thoughts on “Just a Happy Dream

  1. Hope you know that my “new, exciting (not really–it was WAY more exciting when I lived in Dayton!), and hectic” life isn’t too crazy that I dont think of you or still appreciate your friendship. 🙂

    Great thoughts and insight, Ms. Gifted Writer.

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