Finally…a Bit of Good News

The one bit of good news…the only comforting thought of the day…this isn’t Home. This isn’t all there is. There is Home. I have to wait and be patient – not my strengths – but there is Home. This isn’t all there is.

I was having lunch with a friend earlier this week and we were talking about my trip out west and whether we’d live anywhere else and where. She asked if there was any place I visited on my trip that felt like home. I told her I really didn’t stay in one place long enough to find out but that Ohio didn’t feel like home anymore. I’ve thought about visiting Portland. I’ve heard people say that it “felt like home”.

But then today I was reminded that Home is elsewhere, it is someplace that cannot be reached by car, truck, bus, plane, or train. It cannot be touched by our hands or seen by our eyes. And I realized I will never feel at home anywhere on earth. Why would I? All the crap is the same just in different time-zones.  This isn’t all there is. Thank God!

Apart from God, there is no Grace.
Apart from Grace, there is no Redemption.
Apart from Redemption, there is no Heaven – Home.


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