No Free Pass This Time

“You need to get a life!” What is the etymology of that phrase? Where did it come from? Who was the first person to say it, and who in the world ever thought it was a good idea to repeat it?

I’ve always hated that phrase. I hated it when kids at school would say it to me to be mean, when people at work said it but in a more sophisticated way in order to “encourage” my personal growth, and when others have said it trying to be funny. Why do people feel the need to say it to me? Don’t they know that I already know I need one? Don’t they think I want a life? Don’t they think I’m trying?

I heard it again recently. When I heard it, that’s when everything went dark inside me. A dark film covered the eye of my logic and I could no longer see straight. Passionate anger took over me and I said things that were meant to be hurtful. After careful thought I’ve realized that what angers me more than anything else is that if I were given the chance to verbalize why I was so angry – that the phrase really hurt me, the person who said it would retort with “I was only kidding” and they’d expect that to make it alright.

I know I was wrong to lash out in anger. I know I was not justified in my anger. I know I shouldn’t take things so personally. But, when will people realize that words are important and they are not always entitled to a free pass just because they thought it was funny?


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