A World of Fiction

In what world would an athlete/guy-who-looks-good-enough-to-be-in-a-Gap-ad fall for a short, very plump, out of work writer? It would only happen in a world of fiction. As a writer, you have to give the readers what they want, right? A lot of readers today are women looking to escape their own realities by diving head-first into a world of beautiful impossibilities. I mean, that’s why I read anyway. As the thought crossed my mind about the athlete/Gap-model falling for the unemployed plump I actually laughed. I laughed out loud. And it wasn’t an “I’m feeling sorry for myself” laugh, it was a “what was I thinking” laugh. Then I thought, maybe I’ll write that story someday and it would give some woman out there a little pleasure in and escape from a life that seems boring. There’s nothing wrong with laughter and hope. There’s nothing wrong with beautiful impossibilities. A good writer and a good story can give the reader all of it in anywhere from 200-500 pages. A great writer can do it in fewer pages than that. Yes, maybe someday I will write it.


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