I’m Standing Still – a poem

Moving, moving everyone’s moving.
All but me, I’m standing still.
Lives keep flowing, growing, going
But I have no clue of Your will.
Why does life keep passing by
Aimless, pointless, holey?
I just can’t help but wonder why
I feel so stale and moldy.
Of course I know exactly why
I can’t find good direction.
I’m taking from the wrong supply.
I’ve lost the true connection.
Answers come when one seeks out
So why do I avoid the question?
‘Cause life is harder now it seems
And I don’t do well with rejection.


One thought on “I’m Standing Still – a poem

  1. Though the road is dark
    The answers are few
    Night is as day to Him
    Even if it’s not to you
    Rejection is impossible
    By Him who loves you true
    Remember dear one
    His reflection is you
    Created in His image
    A work of art
    With a mighty plan
    Running is hard yet easy
    As long as it’s to not from
    Control is His, not yours
    Thus the source of glum
    And yet that is a happy thought
    That can give you wings to fly
    Get some fairy dust lovely girl
    And say good-bye
    Goodbye to all the negative
    The unbelieving
    The not true
    Just like Dorothy
    The answer is inside of you
    You may not know the what
    But you know the Who
    He is THE Way
    THE Truth
    THE Life
    He’s a happy groom
    That you, beautiful one, are His wife
    His bride
    His friend
    His love
    The wisdom you seek is not out in front
    But above
    Lift your eyes
    Lift your heart
    Lift your butt
    From the couch of believing
    The lying crap in your head
    That dares you to believe differently
    Than what is true
    No matter where you go
    No matter what you do
    God, your Papa
    Is passionately in love with you
    He is going to “bless you and keep you”
    He will “make His face shine upon you”
    And yes, dear friend, “give you PEACE.”

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