This is not “Rear Window”

Have you seen the Hitchcock film “Rear Window”? In the movie, Jimmy Stewart is a photographer who is cooped up in his apartment in a wheel chair with a broken leg and his window overlooks a courtyard surrounded by other apartments. He can see what people do in their homes and has gotten to know them…oddly from a distance. He suspects the guy in the apartment across the courtyard of murder and he and his friends start digging around and snooping because the police do not believe them. This is not “Rear Window” but it felt pretty close tonight. 

I was sitting on my front porch trying to read a book – I say trying because I don’t live in the quietest neighborhood. As I sat there and tried to focus on the words on the page, I heard a multitude of noises. Kids playing and screaming a couple of streets over. A woman screaming at her kids inside the house down the street. A football game going on in the park a few streets over. A large work truck somewhere doing some kind of work, probably at the dump over the hill from the park where the football game is taking place. The couple in the house around the corner fighting in the backyard. The two very large dogs barking across the street. The TV in the house next door. The cars driving down the streets in the neighborhood.

Lots of noise. Lots of distractions. No peace and quiet. But interesting to listen.


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